Free Download Warlike Flyboys Jet Fighter PC Games - One day in the green and lush countryside, the roar of the air source. Initially peaceful atmosphere became frenzied with the arrival of some fighter jets that pass. Not to show off in order to celebrate the big day, but the air war really horrendous. Conditions did not improve even when partially burned plane. 

That game a little description of Warlike Flyboys. You will sit in the cabin of the aircraft, in full control. Any enemy fighter jets came and went with speed as the wind. If your eyes are not careful, you will not be able to see it. They are like mosquitoes flying swiftly. 

But fear not, no matter how fast they are, more sophisticated than their plane. Hujani jet enemy with a machine gun to fire and put out the fire to fall off. The key objectives to facilitate the shooting. Enjoy the thrill of the chase plane. 

System Requirement 
Windows Xp/7/8 
256Mb Ram

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