Free download iron man 2 games - Kyle Brink , creative director of Iron Man 2 was that the first game did not give a good impression too . When the sequel has been granted a permit to be made , it turns out he only had 14 months to complete. In fact , a game for Xbox360 or PS3 , it usually takes about 24 to 36 months to complete . Although it had a predecessor that was not too successful , but Brink is really trying to develop some things for this sequel . 

One of the biggest changes is given here lies in the way of control . Unlike its predecessor , SEGA has tried to make its control was consistent between when you are flying or when you 're on the ground . If there is a movement that can be done on land , then the movement should be done the same way in the air . You can turn on or turn off your ability to float in space just by relying on the shoulder buttons . 
Such an approach was much more dramatic and makes the game easier , especially in terms of arranging the attack you because you are no longer dealing with a rotating camera . All you need to do here is to enter the command button and the game itself will automatically run commands against your targets . 

You will have the weapon in the left and right shoulder , which both can be used only by relying only trigger button . B button is used here to bouncing enemy attacks , such as hitting behind the missile fired towards you . In the lower right corner there is a radar that can help you to continue to monitor the situation around you . Threat to Iron Man will appear in the map in the form of red dots and you will hear a warning sound loud enough when there is a missile that is heading to your place . 

Demo that we see here has been passed around the middle of the game itself and the game begins with a large crab engine . This is a robot called Arc Armiger and at that time , he was attacked a vehicle called the Helicarrier . Both giant crabs and Helicarrier itself had a blood bar . If you act as War Machine , then your main task is to destroy the giant crab before he destroys the Helicarrier . This battle will be one long fight , because the giant crab is very difficult to hurt . In addition , of course you will also be dealing with ordinary robots and in that time, you can train your reflexes and abilities . 

Another Okus given to this game lies in its diversity itself . Brink and his team intend to make every level there are noticeably different from the levels that have been skipped earlier . At the beginning , you will be prompted to creep through a corridor , a flight for some time and it is definitely holding a little fight using stealth . 

If you not expect to watch a movie and just play the game alone could make you understand , then it is a big mistake . The reason is because the storyline in this game is not at all related to the film , even though in terms of similarity and the sound is very similar . The result is a game that actually follow the storyline in the book , which of course will be greatly welcomed by gamers . 

In addition , you can also upgrade the armor Tony Stark by using its own currency in this game . If normally you will find money here , so this time you will not find all of it . Which you will find here is a Data Field , which actually has the same function as it does money . This data field will be developed as an example you to unlock weapons or other ammunition types . To enhance the ability of your weapon , you can also make your weapon into a custom weapon . At the beginning of the game , you 'll be treated to an updated version of the Iron Man suit Tony Stark's body , complete with weaponry would become unclear . 

Brink said that to finish this game , it will take approximately 10-12 hours . The idea to add multiplayer functionality is already considered it before , but unfortunately not enough time to implement the option within a period of extremely low . So far , it is still not known for sure how much diversity is demonstrated in the existing missions . But at first glance , it 's Iron Man 2 the game has changed . Iron Man 2 will be coming soon at the end of April , a little earlier when compared to the film version .

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