Good afternoon my friend wherever you are. See you with my post back in a new game and fun to play. Before I share the game, I asked my friend all ya news, how are you today? I hope you are all doing well in the circumstances. I am also grateful fine in good condition. Dude, how the weather where my friend? If the weather where I was very sunny and hot, but in a gentle breeze accompanied, so delicious despite the heat. Activity buddy all also how? smoothly right? there is no obstacle? hopefully the buddy all such expectations. If the current activity, all too well the plan today, is not it mate? This hot afternoon I will share a sports game called Cricket WorldCup 20-20. This game is a PC game. Okay buddy just, I will discuss sesikit about this game. 

Game WorldCup Cricket 20-20 is a cricket sports game. In this game my friend can pick 16 favorite team is the best team of international, also played in 16 stadiums around the world. World Cup cricket 20-20 is published by Indiagames. This game there are four options in play, namely: training, quick match, exhibition, and a world cup tournament. Take the pitch at the end of the season in a 20-20 cricket competition addictive 3D. The graphics are also very clear. 

How my friend all about my explanation in this game. Immediately download and play your heart's content, do not forget to invite relatives, friends, friends, and family. remember ya buddy if playing a game, play in your spare time, there was no significant activity. The main one is studying for a bright future. Happy downloading

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